Bootszeugnis und Sicherheitszeugnis, Spanien

BZ   Aufgrund unserer neuen Zusammenarbeit mit der Berufsgenossenschaft Verkehr, Dienststelle Schiffssicherheit und des Wasserstraßen- und Schifffahrtsamt Wilhelmshaven sind wir berechtigt, die Schiffsüberprüfungen und Besichtigungen zur Erteilung der Sicherheitszeugnisse, beziehungsweise Bootszeugnisse durchzuführen. Wir freuen uns auf eine gute Zusammenarbeit mit der BG Verkehr und dem WSV Wilhelmshaven. Den Vercharterern von Yachten am Mittelmeer stehen wir ab jetzt als Besichtiger im Rahmen der Ausstellung des Sicherheitszeugnisses sowie des Bootszeugnisses zur Verfügung.

After the approval as surveyors of GMDSS radio and navigation equipment by the German maritime agency

After the approval as surveyors of GMDSS radio and navigation equipment by the German maritime agency (BSH) we are now authorized to carry out inspections of radio and navigation equipment on behalf of the “BSH”.
Leisure craft up to 24 m length in commercial use need approval of there radio and navigation equipment by the “BSH”. Leisure craft over 24 m length and SOLAS ships have to renew their radio safety certificate every two years.

VHF Radio Installation

To operate a VHF radio on a leisure craft under German flag a „SRC“ (Short Range Certificate) is required. Various courses for the “SRC” are offered including on Mallorca.
In case of commercial use of a leisure craft as, charter or training, the VHF installation must be certified by the „BSH“(Bundesamt für Seeschifffahrt und Hydrographie). Therefor a surveyor comes on board and inspects the VHF installation. When the installation is approved the “BSH” submits the certificate.

Nach einem intensiven Aufnahmeverfahren sind wir nun seit kurzem auch Mitglied im „Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft e.V.“

After an intensive admission procedure we are now members of the German marine surveyors association „Bundesverband Wassersportwirtschaft e.V.“ and approved surveyors of the
„Verband der Sportboot- und Schiffbau- Sachverständigen e.V.“. By cooperating with these two associations we become members of a network of recognized marine experts. From now on we have access to the specialist knowledge of our colleagues. We are looking forward to this cooperation in marine surveying.

LPG installations

Liquid petroleum gas installations on boats are a potential hazard. Some parts of an LPG installation are wear parts and need to be replaced regularly.
All commercially used yachts have to be inspected every two years. Privately used boats should also get inspected regularly by a qualified surveyor to prevent from hazards through faulty LPG installations.

Safety checks

German flagged boats that are used commercially for charter purposes need a safety certificate.Every 2 years the charter boats get surveyed by an authorized surveyor for compliance with the German safety regulations. Even though they are not mandatory we would recommend regular safety inspections as well for privately used boats.

Mallorca Marine Surveyors, based on Mallorca Spain, has now become a full member of the German marine surveyors association “Bootsexperten e.V.”

This membership enhances our technical competence and provides us with a network of experts for all areas of the complex yacht industry.

In the association surveyors and consultants for leisure craft of any size work closely together to provide the best service for the yacht owner or potential buyer.

Often yacht surveyors are contacted when problems have occurred.

Some potential buyers and boat owners don’t consider professional assistance necessary during a sales transaction or a new build.
The potential for things to go wrong, sometimes is under estimated.
Yacht brokers and ship yards is believed were independent advice would be needed.
As independent marine surveyors based on Mallorca, Spain we offer our clients help and advice
in all yacht matters from a small leisure craft to a mega yacht.

Mallorca Marine Surveyors is a company specialised in surveying and inspecting sailing yachts or motor boats

Mallorca Marine Surveyors is a company specialised in surveying and
inspecting sailing yachts or motor boats of any size.

As yacht surveyors we inspect boats and write condition, damage , or
valuation survey reports.

From Mallorca, Spain we travel to any place in Europe and survey boats
for our clients.