Often yacht surveyors are contacted when problems have occurred.

Some potential buyers and boat owners don’t consider professional assistance necessary during a sales transaction or a new build.
The potential for things to go wrong, sometimes is under estimated.
Yacht brokers and ship yards is believed were independent advice would be needed.
As independent marine surveyors based on Mallorca, Spain we offer our clients help and advice
in all yacht matters from a small leisure craft to a mega yacht.

Pre-purchase surveys

The euro zone is a good place to buy a second hand boat nowadays, due to the good exchange rate.
More and more buyers find a boat on the European market.
Mallorca and the western Mediterranean is mayor market place with thousands of boats for sale.
A pre- purchase survey should be considered before buying a boat.
In sales transactions, an independent condition survey will protect both parties from any surprises.

Repair and maintenance of pleasure craft

The yachting season in the Mediterranean ends and boats are bought and sold.

As marine surveyors we survey the boats for the potential buyers.

Not every boat owner is aware of the expense for repairs and maintenance on a yacht.

Some owners think that that is an area where they can save some money, occasionally with serious


Professional advice should be taken from a qualified surveyor to assure the save operation of a pleasure craft.

Yacht refits and new builds

Professional planing and choosing a good boat yard for a yacht or boat refit is not all that is required.

Refits and new builds benefit from being supervised by a qualified marine surveyor to ensure that the work is being carried out correctly, cost-effectively and in the interest of the owner.

Material fatigue

A yacht or a boat is made from many different materials.
Possible material fatigue has to be assessed by a marine surveyor, for each material individually.
Depending on the intensity of use, age and type of material, the risk of material fatigue varies.
Commercial crafts and large yachts are build to the rules of a classification society and get surveyed periodically to maintain there classification.
Sailing yachts or motor boats build under the EC small craft directive are not obliged to periodical inspections.
It is the owners responsibility to have his boat inspected by a yacht surveyor, preferably every 5 years.


Corrosion on sailing yachts or motor boats is a common problem.
One type of corrosion is rust in ferrous metals.
Aluminum is a non ferrous metal frequently used in boat building.
A form of corrosion for aluminum is galvanic corrosion (electrolysis).
Regardless of what type, corrosion causes serious damage to the materials.
All sailing yachts and motor boats should be inspected periodically by a qualified marine surveyor to detect corrosion at an early stage.