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Regarding warranty and after sales service from the boatbuilders, the situation in many cases is:
once the boat is fully paid and has left the boat yard it will be difficult to get warranty work done.
There is no region wide service network from boatbuilders as known from car manufacturers.
After sales service agents for the boatbuilders are rarely found and where existing, not always able to carry out warranty work for the boatbuilders.
In these circumstances it pays out have the boat building supervised to avoid short cuts and poor workmanship. The final handover in the boat yard and sea trials carried out by a competent surveyor help that all defects can be found and repaired by the boatbuilders while it is still in their boat yard.

Second hand boats

The first thing to find out when thinking of buying a second hand boat is, which model is the most suitable one to satisfy the buyers needs.
At this stage a yacht surveyor can give some valuable information and make suggestions to the potential buyer.
Once a suitable boat is found it needs to be inspected and the condition checked.
Condition assessment can be a difficult task even for an experienced surveyor and is possibly asking to much for the potential buyer.
Buying a boat without a prior condition survey can be a risky business and may turn out to be costly.