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Buying a new yacht

Many clients buy a new boat like they would buy a new car. They assume that the boat builders work to high quality standards and have a quality control systems in place. Unfortunately in boat building it is not always like this. The number of boats turned out in serial production is much smaller than for example in luxury car production. The production of boats is much less automated and the percentage of labour required to build a boat is much higher. Particularly in the labour part is a big saving potential for the boat builders and a big potential for things to go wrong. To assure the clients interest, in having the boat built in a good quality, an approach similar to building a house would be a good idea. As the architect in house building, an independent yacht surveyor would supervise all stages of the production and assure that the boat is build to the agreed standards and no short cuts are taken. Taking advice from an independent yacht surveyor is the best way to safeguard the buyers interests.